SASSA Status

SASSA has different types of grants and one of the most recent is SRD. SRD means the Social Relief of Distress Grant and it is also known as R350 because the amount paid in it is 350 Rands.

The application for a grant is submitted on the official site and after the submission, the SASSA provides the applicants with the service to check sassa status online.

Once you check SASSA Status, and you are approved then what you need to know next are the SASSA payment dates.

The results appearing after the SRD status check tells you whether you are going to receive the SRD Grant or not. It will also show your SASSA application status and your payment status for the current as well as the past months.

The above online tool to check SASSA status works as this tool provides the exact same data as provided by

When you check the status and if your receive an unexpected like sassa status check failed or identity verification failed, then don’t worry there are solutions to every status.

Following are the most common ones.

Pending Status
Failed Status
UIF Registered
We will now learn the answers to common queries that often come across the mind of the applicants. Such as the application has got approved but no payment.

We will also focus on what to do when the application status says pending.