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The Ministry of Water is the lead agency responsible for WASH-in-Schools programming.   No national plan of action exists, but there are alternative efforts in place to address water, sanitation and hygiene issues in schools.   No national budget has been allocated for WASH-in-school programs.

WASH-in-Schools guides and toolkits are currently being utilized in targeted areas throughout the country.   Space is provided in the curriculum for water, sanitation, and hygiene teaching and promotion.   There exists no national standards for WASH-in-Schools and no Educational Management Information System (EMIS) for monitoring accessibility, nor an alternative functional national monitoring system for collecting and analyzing coverage data. The government has set a standard of 60 pupils per toilet or latrine.   We do not know the percentage of schools in compliance. It is not known if other government standards including water provisions per student for drinking, hygiene, and hand washing exist. It is also unknown the number of schools with an improved water source (protected well, spring, or borehole; rainwater, or piped water).

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