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No national WASH in Schools program nor any alternative plan of action to address water, sanitation and hygiene issues in schools currently exists, a responsibility which falls to the Ministry of Education.  There is no national budget for allocation of funds to the WASH in Schools agenda, and no additional partners to assist with programming efforts.

WASH – in – Schools guidelines and tool kits are not available in the country.   The school curriculum currently does not provide space for WASH promotion; hence there is no surveillance system in place to monitor its educational success.   There are no national standards for WASH – in-Schools and no national monitoring system for data collection and analysis of coverage information. Fifty percent of schools are reported as having access to sanitation facilities. The government standard of 50 pupils per toilet / latrine is being met by 35 % of schools. Access to an improved water source (a protected well, spring, or borehole; rainwater; piped water) is available in 20 % of schools.   Government guidelines specify 5 liters of water for drinking and hygiene be provided per pupil per day and 0.5 liters per pupil per hand washing stand, both of which only exist in 20 % of schools. Only 10 % of schools have soap available on a daily basis for hand washing.

The government does not provide an itemized budget for water, sanitation and hygiene, but allocates $2.67 (USD) per pupil per year.   The lack of water and sanitation facilities and no hand washing system in the majority of schools is a major challenge



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