Enabling Policy Environment for Wash in Schools

Currently, Yemen does not have a national plan of action or a national budget allocated for WASH in Schools and Programming. The Ministry of Education is the lead agency for implementation of WASH in schools programming. However, UNICEF, NGOs, Social Fund for Development, and other Donors are also partners that assist in the implementation of WASH in Schools programming.

Quality and Coverage of WASH in Schools Programming

WASH in Schools guides and toolkits are not available for the WASH in Schools target areas. In addition, the curriculum does not provide enough space for hygiene promotion. Unfortunately, the lack of resources is due to Yemen not having a functional Educational Management Information System (EMIS) to monitor the WASH in Schools access.

To date, there are only 47% of schools that have access to sanitation facilities and 0% of the schools meet the official standard for pupils per latrine/toilet. There is only 9% of schools with access to an improved water source onsite throughout the year.

The schools that meet the standard for pupils’ access to water for drinking and hygiene are not specified. Yet, 7% of schools provide soap for hand washing on a daily basis and meet the official standard for pupils per hand washing stand.


Organizations Working in Wash in Schools


Social Fund for Development (SFD)

Non-Governmental Organizations

Charitable Organizations