Enabling Policy Environment for Wash in Schools

The country developed a school WASH strategic plan in 2006, but its implementation remains weak due to limited funding.  There is no national budget allocation for WASH in schools, but there is isolated funding for sanitation, especially the school facility grant that goes towards construction of latrines in selected districts.

The Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) is the lead agency for WASH in schools.  There are partners that assist in the implementation of WASH in schools. Partners include district local governments, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), and Faith Based Organisations (FBOs) like churches and mosques.  In addition a national sanitation working group helps to raise the profile of sanitation in the country and to strengthen coordination by bringing together all sectors of sanitation.

Uganda WIS

Quality and Coverage of WASH in Schools Programming

The country has WASH in schools guides/ toolkits (examples: the School sanitation design and construction guidelines, 2000; Hygiene promotion for conflict and post conflict- a facilitators’ guide). The year 2013 has also seen the development of a Menstrual Hygiene reader, and an O&M handbook for School WASH.  Some (guides/ toolkits) are utilised countrywide, while others are in selected districts.

There are national standards for WASH in schools- comprehensively highlighted in the MoES Basic Requirements & Minimum Standards (BRMS) booklet.  In addition, the curriculum provides some space for WASH in schools (e.g. the thematic curriculum for lower primary).  There is a functional educational management information system (EMIS), but some WASH indicators (like hand washing with soap) are not yet included.

Some of the national standards for WASH in schools include

  • The government standard for pupils per latrine stance ratio is: 40:1.
  • The Government standard for provision of water in school is to have a safe water source within 500 metres of school.
  • The current coverage for hand washing is 36.8% (Water and Environment sector performance report 2013)


Organizations Working in Wash in Schools

Ministry of Education and Sports