Enabling Policy Environment for Wash in Schools

Tanzania WIS 1The Ministry of Education and Vocational Training (MoEVT) is the lead agency in coordinating and providing technical and policy guidance. It is working towards improving WinS in collaboration with three other line ministries: the Ministry of Water, Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and the Prime Minister’s Office for Regional Administration and Local Government.

The 1992 Education policy does not refer to WASH in Schools. The 2012 DRAFT new version has only a weak reference to it, basically stating that the National Government will encourage village and school committees to take appropriate action. However, a National Strategic Plan has been drafted and a National School WASH Programme with clear action plan and budget is being prepared (situation June 2012).

AusAID – through UNICEF – has supported moving forward on WASH in Schools in the past. Currently, DfID, SDC and AfD are the major donors for WASH in Schools. ACCRA, AMREF, CARE, SNV, TAWASANET, WaterAid, UNICEF and various local NGOs are key partners for WASH in Schools.

Quality and Coverage of WASH in Schools Programming

Tanzania WIS 2Since 2009, WinS has gradually gained attention. The detailed mapping of the WinS situation in all schools in 16 districts of the country that was undertaken by SNV, WaterAid and UNICEF in 2009/ 2010 has played a major role in this development. In 2010 MoEVT appointed a School WASH Coordinator and a National Guideline with Toolkits was drafted, with SNV and UNICEF as the main supporting development partners.The Draft Guideline has met an enormous demand and under the leadership of MoEVT and in collaboration with a range of CSOs, the guidelines have been piloted in more than 100 schools. MoEVT has set a minimum standard of 20 girls/ toilet and 25 boys/ toilet. The EMIS captures this information and the latest data show that on average 53 primary school pupils share a toilet. The mapping in 16 districts showed that 6% of the schools don’t have any WASH facilities, while only 11% meets the government standard.

MoEVT does not set a standard for water supply. The mapping exercise showed that 62% of the schools have an improved source on or near its premises, however, 48% of those sources were not functional. The National Sanitation Campaign (funded by the AfDB under the Water Sector Development Programme) that is rolled out in the country starting in 2012, will have a $7 million School WASH component and is expected to reach about 700 schools with both hardware and software.

A National Strategic Plan for School WASH has been drafted and currently efforts are underway (MoEVT with support from UNICEF) to develop a National Programme with costed action plan to take WASH in Schools to scale.

Organizations Working in Wash in Schools






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