Enabling Policy Environment for Wash in Schools

  • There is no national plan of action for WASH in Schools, but there is a national budget allocation for WASH in Schools programming.
  • The Ministry of Education is the lead agency for the implementation of WASH in Schools programming.
  • Partners that assist in the implementation of WASH in Schools programming include Local Non-Governmental Organizations, such as Aung Yadanar Association.

Quality and Coverage of WASH in Schools Programming

  • WASH in Schools guides and toolkits are not available, but the curriculum provides enough space for hygiene promotion.
  • There is no functional Educational Management Information System (EMIS) that monitors WASH in Schools access.
  • There is a national standard for WASH in Schools.  The government standard for pupils per latrine is 50 pupils to 1 latrine.  50.7% of schools meet the standard of pupils per latrine.
  • 67.8% of schools have access to sanitation facilities.  81.5% of schools have access to an improved water source on site throughout the year.  26.7% of schools provide soap for hand washing on a daily basis.

Myanmar Village-school

Organizations Working in Wash in Schools

Aung Yadanar Association.