Enabling Policy Environment for Wash in Schools

There is no national plan of action for Wash-in-Schools, nor is there an alternative plan of action that addresses Wash-in-Schools in this country. To date, a national budget allocation for Wash-in-Schools programming has not been established. The Ministry of Education and The Ministry of Health are the lead agencies to implement the Wash-in-Schools Programming. CRS, OPS/OMS, UNICEF, Water for people, Save the Children, AC DIS, Guerpo de Paz, and Plan Internacional, Asociacion Verde Y Azul are partners that assisting in the implementation of Wash-in-Schools Programming.

Quality and Coverage of WASH in Schools Programming

Schools in Guatemala have Wash-in-Schools guides and toolkits available and the guidesare being utilized throughout the country in the various target areas. In addition, the standard for the Wash-in–Schools program also provides opportunity to promote hygiene safety.

Currently, Guatemala does not have a functional Educational Management Information System (EMIS) that monitors Wash-in-Schools access. However, the country does have an alternative functional National Monitoring System which regularly collects and analyzes Wash-in-Schools coverage data at the national level. Eighty-three (83%) of schools who have access to sanitation facilities.

The Government Standard for pupils per latrine/toilet is 25 girls and 30 children for each bathroom, and their provision of water for drinking and hygiene per pupil per day is 50 liters per pupil. Yet, only 40% of the schools meet the official standard for pupils per latrine/toilet. Only 64% of schools have access to improved water sources on site throughout the year. There is a lack of information regarding the percentage of schools who meet the official standards for pupils in access to water, the official standard for pupils per hand washing stands, and the percentage of schools that provide soap for hand washing on a daily basis.


Organizations Working in Wash in Schools


Save the Children

Catholic Relief Services

Water for People

Plan International



Asociacion Verde Y Azul

Peace Corp