Burkina Faso

Enabling Policy Environment for Wash in Schools

In Burkina Faso, the Ministry of Education has been implementing the Ten-Year Plan for Basic Education Development (PDDEB) between 2001-2010.  The Program of Strategic Development of Basic Education (PDSEB 2011-2020) is still being validated. This program is the reference framework for the involvement of all stakeholders in the education system. It aims to improve the quality of teaching and learning conditions. A “Child Friendly Quality School” project is being implemented by the Ministry of Education with support from UNICEF.


The key partners for WASH in schools, such as UNICEF, CREPA, Plan Burkina, Catholic Relief Service WaterAid, and Action Against Hunger, support the efforts of the Government through projects and programmes at the level of schools in their area.Other partners that finance the National program of supply drinking water and sanitation (PN-AEPA) contribute also through the sectoral budgetary support funds.

Quality and Coverage of WASH in Schools Programming

Since 2009, the Directorate General of Reforms and Educational Innovations has developed guides for each cycle (CP, EC, CM). These guides are used in 45 provinces. The various partners interested in the issue have developed many tools for the promotion of WASH in schools (WINS) but these tools are not used at the national level.  The percentage of schools with access to drinking water is of 45.8 and to the functional latrines is 63.7 (given MEBA, 2010/2011, see chart).

A plea will be made for the “Child Friendly Quality School” project to establish national standards for WASH taking into account other WASH indicators in the EMIS system for improvement of the school framework and learning.


Organizations Working in Wash in Schools




Catholic Relief Services

Plan Burkina

Action Against Hunger