Core MHM in WinS Information

The Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, or any other ministries do not include any components of MHM in their policies, guidelines and legislations.

The Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health & Medical Services, and UNICEF Health sector will be key partners in implementing the UNICEF WinS, WASH, Education sector 3 Star approach in (22) Primary Schools and (4) Junior Secondary Schools through UNICEF Education sector WASH activities.

With the exception of the National Infrastructure Standard to have separate and private sanitation facilities in schools to cater to girl’s needs, national policies, strategies and standards or guidelines do not currently exist in Kirabit. Provision of guidance on menstruation and menstrual hygiene for students and teachers are provided in limited way through the 3 Star approach.

MHM in WinS champions

  • Reetina Katokita, Director of Policy and Planning Development, Ministry of Education
  • Aboro Henry, Senior Health Promotion Officer, Ministry of Health & Medical Services


References and Organizations Involved in Compiling this Overview

The overview was compiled based on information from provided by Brucetta Mackenzie, UNICEF Kiribati WASH in School Officer.