Core MHM in WinS Information

WASH United has supported local partner organizations in Kenya to deliver MHM trainings in both urban and rural/peri-urban settings.

Save the Children developed operational guidelines for integrating MHM-related activities into school-based programmes, based on demand from the organization’s country offices. The guidelines are broken down into four sections: (i) how to conduct a MHM situation analysis; (ii) how to design a MHM programme; (iii) how to conduct a MHM baseline study; and (iv) MHM programme activities and interventions. These guidelines are being piloted in Kenya. Save the Children programme staff are responsible for reviewing the operational guidelines, carrying out pilot activities and providing feedback.

Officials from the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health advised on a MHM research study conducted by The Liverpool School and Tropical Medicine (LSTM) and are supportive of plans to conduct a large-scale trial. Joint Global Health Trials funded the research and ensured research rigor.


References and Organizations Involved in Compiling this Overview

The overview was compiled based on information from WASH in Schools Empowers Girls’ Education - Proceedings of the Menstrual Hygiene Management in Schools Virtual Conference 2013.