Core MHM in WinS Information

The Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, or any other ministries do not include any components of MHM in their policies, guidelines and legislations.

National policies, strategies, standards or guidelines do not include key components of MHM in WinS.  Sector budgets do not include specific allocations for MHM in WinS at the national or sub-national levels.

Cross sectoral initiatives for MHM in Wins includes Research about the MHM practices in the rural area of the Pacific.  MHM in WinS is included in the teacher training curricula.  MHM is related to Biology, but the teachers only teach menstruation as a physical sign.

Key stakeholders in MHM in Wins are the Ministry of Education, the Vice-Ministry of Water, and local Universities.  UNICEF Colombia is carrying out research about MHM in the Pacific Area.  Diego Lopez, UNICEF WASH Officer is the MHM in Wins Champion in Columbia.



References and Organizations Involved in Compiling this Overview

The overview was compiled based on information from provided by Diego Lopez, UNICEF WASH Officer.