Core MHM in WinS Information

The Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, or any other Ministries do not include any components of MHM (i.e. MHM friendly Schools) in their policies, guidelines and legislations. National indicators and cross-sectoral mechanisms or initiatives do not exist for MHM in WinS. Neither do national or sub-national plans exist for implementation of MHM in WinS. Sector budgets do not include allocations for MHM in WinS at the national or sub-national levels.

MHM in WinS is not included in the teacher training curricula in Angola. There are no local or national studies available on local beliefs, taboos, knowledge and practices relating to MHM. Neither are there publications on MHM in WinS programs or documentation of practical experiences of implementing MHM in WinS.

UNICEF WASH is the major stakeholder working on MHM in WinS in Angola.


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